Subscribers offers a free version, but it is limited. Beyond 200 subscribers, you should upgrade to the next plan which is $ 29 per month. Alternatives One Signal , Intercom . Canva Canva is perhaps the easiest tool I know of for creating beautiful illustrations for social media. This time around, I’ll tell you up front, Canva has a free plan that’s more than enough to get you started. Used by community managers to create visuals for social networks, Canva also allows you to create event covers, documents e.g. ebooks, CVs and more. For example, if I want to create a design for an advertisement, I go to the Advertisements section and I choose the banner of my choice. If you click on create a Facebook banner, you will be taken to a page that shows you pre-designed templates for you with the correct aspect ratio for Facebook ads 1200 x 628 pixels.

Canva really thought of everything! To resume creating my advertising image, I can choose one of Canva’s templates to start . … Or create my own image. I just made one! I simply used one of the free photos available on Canva there are over a Romania Whatsapp Number List million and added a rectangular shape that I colored in orange the color of my site. I then made the shape transparent and added some text within the shape. It took me barely 3 minutes and know that you can do the same with their iOS or Android app if you ever prefer to work on a tablet or smartphone. I love this tool, especially for these features Magic resizing you can easily resize an image you created in one or more formats to share it on multiple social networks only available with the paid plan.

Create a design for an advertisement

Adding icons and stickers to the images the most beautiful are not free Filters to make images more eye-catching! The possibility of integrating other members of your team and importing visuals made with another software To conclude on Canva, its ease of use makes it almost essential as everything is easy for those who do not know how to use more powerful software like the Adobe suite. Alternatives Adobe Spark , Crello . LeadPages If you sell services and want to promote them, you will need landing pages . A landing page is a page which aims to present a product, a service or even a free offer and on which only one action is possible, such as Fill out a form Register Download an app Try SaaS software for free Etc.

Creating such a page is not easy , especially if you don’t know how to code. This is where LeadPages comes in.LeadPages is a tool that allows you to create landing pages quite easily and that does not require any technical skills. It is one of the tools most used by bloggers, coaches or experts because it allows you to create pages that are both visually appealing and professional. The feature that really attracts me to this software is without a doubt the hundreds of predefined landing page templates that are optimized for conversions for any type of objective or business. All the templates are classified in different categories consultation, lead generation, contests and or for different areas of activity e-commerce, finance, marketing, health, etc.

Filters to make images more eye-catching

Having such a library of templates at your disposal really makes the difference if you are not a specialist in creating landing pages yes, it’s a real job in itself!. Plus, you can view any template and see which one you like the most before signing up to LeadPages. How much does LeadPages cost? The first plan starts at just $ 25 per month paid annually, which is very affordable for such comprehensive software. Alternatives Unbounce , WordPress , Instapage . 10 Hellobar Do you like pop-ups like this . Or the floating bars like the one you see on my site? On computers, they are less disturbing than on mobile. Usually, users are not big fans of pop-ups. And yet, web marketers like me love them! This is because they remain, even today, effective in collecting email addresses or promoting offers.

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