Have you heard of Google Analytics? Maybe or maybe not, so it’s basically a web analytics service that helps you track and then report site traffic. This service is offered only by Google and now also as a platform within the Google Tunisia Phone Number Marketing Platform brand . Many people regularly use this best service provided by Google to track their website performance. With Google Analytics, you can get better insights into your business. Google’s free SEO optimization tools help you grow your business smarter. Even if you have a small budget, you can still take your business to greater heights. This service has the ability to generate around 85 different types of reports. This helps the user to develop all possible data about website traffic.

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As you will see about Google Analytics, you will notice that it is absolutely free! No fee should be charged by a user to use this service. All you need to do is sign in with your Gmail account and the ability to install a tracking code on the site, then you can get started. Data is the most important thing for anyone to save it and hence the second best thing in this field. This gives you current metrics in different types, for example, lists, charts, graphs, pie charts, spreadsheets, and many more. This allows the user to see how the site is performing each day. This advantage allows you to draw conclusions from data visualization.

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Tunisia Phone Number List

By comparing the measurements, any user can easily collect information and identify all the causes as well as the necessary corrections. As it gives you daily reports, you can then compare any data set. The process of collecting data is ongoing with the help of Google Analytics, creating reports, comparing metrics, and then checking performance on whatever kind of baseline you want. This can done on an hourly, daily, monthly, yearly, or quarter-by-quarter basis. With this benefit, you can easily associate changes in website traffic to specific campaigns. Plus, you can take note of trends at any time and then provide reports on your organization’s reporting periods.

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