Remember that the offer must also be made at the right time . If your audience isn’t yet “ready” for a commercial offer, they will likely ignore it. That’s why I was talking to you about adapting your offer to your audience. For audiences who know you a little better , you can be a little more direct or aggressive in your message. Obviously Grant Cardone is asking for my money, but the offer is definitely worth it. I have access to over 800 business lessons, 24/7. I’m not hiding it from you, I had a hard time saying no. By the way, look at the number of reactions, comments and shares on this ad. I don’t think I was the only one who was interested. This is the power of a good offer. When you value, people will gladly give you their attention and click on your ads.

Instead of loudly proclaiming the offer, I thought about writing an engaging text with a touch of humor, and then talking gently about the offer (much like an invitation). And it worked. Unfortunately, I no longer have access to the Georgia Email List results, but I can tell you that just writing friendlier hooks improved overall ad engagement . I found a very good example to illustrate my point. As you can see, this ad is written in the first person. Gretta starts by greeting me and then tells me a story to sell me her program. I’m not interested, but that’s okay, I enjoyed the ad! I read it all the way through and I’m sure Facebook users less used to ads didn’t notice right away that it was an ad.

Georgia Email List
Georgia Email List

This is the power of a good offer

Launch tons of campaigns with the same goal (and which are ultimately in competition) Test 10 audiences per campaign (the audience segmentation technique) Run 50 barely different ads in a single campaign Just last week, I analyzed an advertising account. For 2000 € invested, no less than 20 campaigns with the same advertising objective were launched! How do you expect Facebook to do a good job under such conditions? If you want to get results on Facebook in a predictable and sustainable way, you have to get out of your head that running more campaigns and making more changes to your campaign will NOT give you better results. What should you do then? Follow Facebook’s recommendations and simplify your advertising account. In other words: reduce the number of campaigns on your advertising account. Try as much as possible to have one campaign per objective.

It is not enough to read one or 2 manuals to hope to obtain a well-defined marketing plan adapted to your business (that was precisely the subject of this article ). Today, we are not going to come back to this action plan, but rather to the different strategies (or tactics) that you could employ to develop your notoriety, generate qualified leads for your business and sell your offers. Unfortunately, there are over a thousand and one marketing strategies that you could try out today! Which one should you start with? Don’t panic, I thought of you while preparing this article! Indeed, I thought it would be interesting to have the opinion of twenty experts who work in different areas of digital marketing: social networks, SEO, growth hacking, digital advertising, e-commerce or influencer marketing.

Facebook to do a good job

Hope you like it and learn new things. Let’s start with opted for YouTube and its Custom Intent targeting. This targeting allows people to be targeted while they are viewing videos on YouTube based on their Google searches. ” This year, at Splashr, we wanted to launch our own digital advertising campaigns to collect hot leads. So, obviously, we activated the video channel which is our core business. First of all, we had to choose a marketing lever to communicate on video, and our choice quite quickly fell towards YouTube. It is true that Linkedin could also have been a good communication channel for a B2B company like ours which targets advertisers. But, we opted for YouTube and its Custom Intent targeting . This targeting is used to target Internet users while they are viewing videos on YouTube based on their Google searches.

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