What a story ! It would be stupid not to take advantage of it. The important thing when you do this type of advertising is to have an “irresistible” offer, an offer that is very difficult to refuse, otherwise why would a prospect come back to your sales page ? A bit like this free trial offer for software which is (very) expensive. Now let’s get down to practice. If you’ve understood the process correctly, all you need to do is create a personalized audience of people who have seen your sales page. Also, don’t forget to create a second personalized audience of people who have seen the thank you page that confirms the purchase, in order to exclude them from your campaign. Take into account that for this type of retargeting you don’t have to invest a large budget because the visitor-based audiences of your sales pages are small in size.

Depending on the size of your audience, a daily budget of 5 to 10 € is more than enough for the campaign to run continuously, without harassing the people concerned. 5) Retargeting based on Facebook or Instagram interactions This is the Russian Federation Email List penultimate Facebook retargeting strategy that I will present to you. This one is relatively simple, but very interesting to increase the engagement of your Facebook or Instagram account and the number of people who follow you. The idea is simple. Retarget people who have interacted with your Facebook Page or your professional Instagram account, regardless of engagement: Interactions (reactions, comments, shares, etc.) Clicks on a link or ad Messenger interactions Etc. To create this type of audience, choose the “Facebook page” or “Professional Instagram profile” option when creating your personalized audience.

Russian Federation Email List
Russian Federation Email List

Why would a prospect come back to your sales page ?

After having clicked on one of these 2 options, you will have one last thing to adjust: choose the type of interactions with your Page! By default, I choose the default option “People who interacted with a post or ad” rather than the option “Anyone who interacted with your Page”. The audience will be smaller in size, but they will generally be more qualified! Once the audience is created, I show the posts on my Page that worked the best to all those people who have interacted with my Page at least once , like this post … I call it the omnipresence strategy. When someone finds me on social media and starts interacting with my content, he (or she) will constantly see my sponsored posts. Some think it’s silly, but I don’t think so.

In fact, I even have proof that this strategy is profitable (financially speaking). Of course, there are other uses for this type of retargeting. You can show your “fans” a new collection, a limited time offer, a new blog post, and more. I can’t tell you in advance if retargeting Facebook or Instagram interactions will work for you because it all depends on your community and the relevance of your Facebook or Instagram posts. Note: You don’t need to install the Facebook pixel to create this type of audience. So you have no excuse not to try this retargeting strategy 6) Retargeting based on video views This is the last retargeting strategy that I will share with you in this article. In my opinion, it is NOT the most effective, but it is also one of the most “low-cost” .

Engagement of your Facebook or Instagram account

Facebook video views are generally lower value stocks, especially when they are short. If you run video views campaigns on Facebook, you know that it doesn’t take a genius to get costs per video view under $ 0.02! And if you post videos to Facebook or Instagram, you know a lot of people see your videos, but only for a few seconds. However, you can retarget all of these people with Custom Audiences. You have the option of targeting users based on whether they saw at least 3 seconds of your video or almost all of it (95%). Personally, I avoid selecting options for video views less than 15 seconds (Thruplay). Certainly, by selecting the option “People who have seen at least 3 seconds of your video”, you will have a rather large retargeting audience, but also poorly qualified.

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