Choosing the right audience to optimize costs is in itself very difficult because still other criteria influence the cost to reach this audience, including age and gender. Look, CPC still varies with age, according to AdEspresso studies. To finish on audiences, know that currently, Facebook works better with broad targeting. We must therefore avoid over-targeting an audience by adding too many socio-demographic and behavioral criteria. To find larger and more qualified audiences at the same time, I strongly recommend that you create similar audiences . These are audiences that you build from a client file or from your website traffic in particular readers of your blog, buyers, visitors to your product pages.

In the majority of cases, you must take special care to target your audience correctly and find a happy medium not too targeted and not too broad either. For example, if you have a fitness center, avoid targeting everyone who Iran WhatsApp Number List is interested in fitness and wellness. In Paris, there are 2,600,000 people potentially interested in fitness and wellness but is it really the reality? I don’t think so. This audience is far too large, you will be competing with many other advertisers! On the other hand, targeting women aged 30 to 60 who have shown an interest in health clubs would be much more advisable, as long as women aged 30 to 60 are among your target customers. It is much more precise.

How The Facebook Auction System Works

All of this makes the cost of advertising vary from country to country. Let’s take the test. I decide to import myself to the USA. Here is the auction CPC that Facebook suggested to me to compete with other advertisers in this market € 2.21. If I stay in France… The suggested bid is € 1.40. Do you see the difference. The country is very important, hence the importance of targeting your ads, starting by targeting the country where your ideal customer is located. It may seem logical, but I assure you that I have heard phrases like Why not target more broadly, that way we will have more chances of making sales. This may be true in certain cases and for certain campaign objectives such as buy-to-buy campaigns. I won’t go into details here.

According to AdEspresso figures , we can see that the cost per click CPC varies greatly from one country to another. Now that you know the Facebook auction system, you know that when you target an audience, you are competing with other advertisers. Facebook’s penetration rate is higher in some countries than others. The time spent on the platform by users also varies from country to country. In addition, some countries experience more competition than others competition automatically pushes the auctions upwards. For example, in the USA, more of the population uses Facebook than in France, and there are more companies that advertise Facebook.

How Decathlon Takes The Time To Respond

Facebook has so much data on us that it has become a real gold mine for marketers. And that’s normal! Even a year ago, I don’t remember there were so many ads on Facebook. Today, one in four posts is sponsored on Facebook and Instagram take the test!. Mobile ads account for the majority of Facebook ad volume. The advantage with Facebook is that you can create ads for hyper specific audiences like remarketing audiences or be broader in your targeting by targeting your competitors’ Pages only. But here’s what you need to know Some audiences are more expensive than others. The most telling example is the difference in cost depending on whether you are advertising in one country or another.

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