Hope you like it and learn new things. Let’s start with opted for YouTube and its Custom Intent targeting. This targeting allows people to be targeted while they are viewing videos on YouTube based on their Google searches. ” This year, at Splashr, we wanted to launch our own digital advertising campaigns to collect hot leads. So, obviously, we activated the video channel which is our core business. First of all, we had to choose a marketing lever to communicate on video, and our choice quite quickly fell towards YouTube. It is true that Linkedin could also have been a good communication channel for a B2B company like ours which targets advertisers. But, we opted for YouTube and its Custom Intent targeting . This targeting is used to target Internet users while they are viewing videos on YouTube based on their Google searches.

Hootsuite , the all-in-one social media management software , also knows what its audience really wants before paying for its solution: try the paid version of the software and find out if it keeps all of its promises! If you didn’t know about Hootsuite, you probably wouldn’t mind this 60-day free trial. It is of less value to you since you do not know the software. Another tactic that I like to French Email List use for ecommerce stores is a discount code only available to people who started an order but didn’t complete it. 15% off, not a good deal if I don’t know your brand. On the other hand, this is exactly what will crack the person who was about to buy from you. In the event that I do not have a reduction offer to offer the consumer.

French Email List
French Email List

Our choice quite quickly fell towards

To disguise your advertisements, I advise you to do like her: Write in a conversational tone (use “I” and “you”) Start by telling an anecdote (a few lines are enough) Ask a question Add emojis if it fits with the tone of your brand 2) Let your customers speak for you My second tip for gaining the trust of your audience is to create a video ad that highlights the successes or achievements of your customers. It could be a case study or a conversation you had with them. The important thing is that they tell, in complete transparency, the experience they have had using your product or service: The doubts they had at the start What they got out of it (should highlight the benefits of your product / service) How their life has changed.

For example : Notoriety Acquisition Remarketing Loyalty For each campaign, test a minimum number of audiences (there isn’t a specific number), but you need to work with a small enough number of audiences to get out of what Facebook calls the “ learning phase ”. When Facebook fails to get the algorithm out of its learning phase, you are not getting the best performance from it and it may even be unstable, especially when you see the “Limited learning” warning appear after a few days of broadcast. To get out of the learning phase faster, Facebook recommends: Work with larger audiences Get a minimum of 50 conversions per week (if you know that a conversion is costing you $ 10, you can assume that you should ideally invest at least $ 70 per day per ad set to get those 50 conversions per week)

What Facebook calls

I wanted to know more about the marketing strategies they employed in the last year that were most effective, whether for their own business or that of their clients. So I asked them the following question: “What is the marketing strategy that has worked best for your business or your clients in the past year?” ” They agreed to play along and share their most successful marketing strategy with you last year. Frankly, I did not expect to receive so many interesting insights to share in one article. Some of the experts have graciously shared their results in numbers and what you can get out of them! I can’t wait for you to start reading this article to decide which marketing strategy (s) you will be testing this year. Before we begin, I would like to thank our 20 experts for agreeing to participate in this article.

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