In short, it’s the Facebook of companies 😉 Now that you have a better idea of ​​what Business Manager is, we can move on to creating and configuring your Business Manager. Then I’ll show you how to use it 🙂 Are your Facebook advertising campaigns perfectly optimized ? Let’s talk 30 minutes on the phone Our team analyzes the status of your campaigns based on 7 criteria You receive strategic recommendations with the 5 most urgent areas for improvement to optimize your spending BOOK A CALL How to create and install the Facebook Business Manager? The installation will only take you 2 or 3 minutes, and you will only need your work email address and your company name. Before starting the installation, be sure to log into your personal Facebook profile.

Then go to and click on the blue “Create an account” button at the top right of the page. You should see this window appear. Fill in your full business name, business name and business email address. Then click on “Next” and Facebook will ask you for some more information about your business. Fill in all the information and be careful to Vanuatu Email List choose the right professional use of your Business Manager: Choose “Promote own goods and services” if you are a retailer or service provider for individuals Choose “Provide services to other businesses” if you are a business service provider such as an agency, consultant or community manager You just have to click on the “Send” button. Congratulations, you have just created an account on the Facebook Business Manager, but the hardest part is yet to come.

Vanuatu Email List
Vanuatu Email List

The right professional use of your Business

After clicking the “Done” button, Facebook will send you an email to confirm your work email address and gain full access to your Business Manager account. When you return to, you should see an interface that looks like this (note that Facebook is currently testing different interfaces and you may have a different interface than mine…). Now that your account is created, we are going to link your Facebook Pages and advertising accounts to it and assign the people who work in your company to these resources. I will also show you how to collaborate with service providers and partners who also use the Business Manager! Add your professional Facebook page to your Business Manager Facebook’s Business Manager will never do you any good if you don’t assign any resources to it.

So, we’ll start by adding your Facebook Page because it’s very likely that you have one. If not, I will show you how to create it directly from the Business Manager. On the Home Page of your Business Manager, click on “Add a Page”. If you already have a Facebook Page and it belongs to you, click on the button. If you don’t have a Facebook Page yet, click on the “Create a Page” button and create your Page ! For the sake of this example, I’m going to assume that you already have a Facebook Page. So I’m going to click on the “Add a Page” button. Facebook will then suggest that I search for my Page … I select the Page of my Japanese restaurant and I click on the “Add a Page” button! There you go, my Facebook page is now attached to my Business Manager.

Your Facebook Pages and advertising

This ALSO means that it is no longer linked to my personal profile. I should therefore systematically connect to the Business Manager or the “Facebook Pages” application on mobile to manage my Page. Look, this is exactly what Facebook tells me if I try to manage my Page on Good news, all notifications of reactions, comments, shares or mentions will now appear in the Business Manager (and no longer on my personal profile!). Obviously, you can continue to manage your Facebook Page from your personal account (and therefore not attach it to your Business Manager), but be aware that some features of your Business Manager will be unavailable if you do not add a Main Page … The ball is in your camp. Add an advertising account to your Business Manager.

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