Fortunately, thanks to the Appointment confirmation option that I advise you to activate, Facebook will always ask you to confirm the appointment before it is confirmed to the requester and then added to your calendar. FREE GUIDE THE NEW RULES OF FACEBOOK MARKETING Learn the fundamentals of Facebook marketing in 2020 to develop the visibility of your Facebook Page even on a small budget. YES, I WANT TO READ THE GUIDE! 5 Trim a Facebook Live video The feature I’m about to reveal to you is brand new! It was an expected feature and Facebook made the wish of Facebook content creators come true. They can now crop or trim a Facebook Live video. If you’ve ever done a Facebook Live , you know as well as I do that the beginnings are chaotic.

You have to wait for the first participants to arrive, take the time to welcome them, introduce yourself, etc. So, for those who watch Live in replay , it is obviously not a good experience . Good news, it is now possible to remove the Dominica Email List first minutes from your Live Facebook. You just have to click on the 3 small dots above your video and click on Edit publication on the computer. Scroll down. You should see the option video trimming appear. After clicking on it, you will be given the option to trim the video from the beginning or from the end. Anything outside the yellow zone will of course be deleted. So take the time to review the video before clicking Save! Facebook will then send you a notification as soon as your video has been trimmed.

Dominica Email List
Dominica Email List

How do you get this information?

Make Stories with the Pages Manager application For a long time, Facebook Pages administrators complained that they could not create Stories from the Facebook Pages Manager smartphone app. You are going to tell me that we can still use the main Facebook application. The problem is that if you have linked your Facebook Page to a Business Manager , the only way to control it on your smartphone is to use the Facebook Pages Manager app. Since Facebook Stories exist, it was not possible to create them with this app. It is now possible. Like on the main app, you can create a Facebook Story and add stickers to it to make it more interactive. To create a Facebook Story, simply click on your profile picture. A menu will appear at the bottom.

All you need to do is click on Create a Story. In a few clicks, you will be able to create a Story of this kind with a photo and some stickers. You also notice the possibility of adding a link by clicking on the icon at the top on the far right. For the moment, you can only add calls to action Buy, Book, Directions or Call via the Facebook Pages Manager app. On the other hand, the Moderator’s Blog has discovered that you can add a very specific link to a Facebook Story via the main Facebook application on your smartphone. The Moderator’s Blog has confirmed that it is currently not possible to add a link to Stories via the Pages Manager app.

The time to review the video before clicking Save

If you don’t use it, I invite you to read the article where they explain how to add a link to your Facebook Story even if you don’t have 10,000 subscribers. Finally, also know that you can analyze the performance of your Facebook Stories by going to the Stories tab in the statistics of your Facebook Page . 7 spy on the competition on Facebook Do you have any idea what your competition is doing on Facebook? What does their Facebook marketing strategy look like? What types of publications do they publish? If you don’t know, then you will love the Pages to Watch feature which allows you to spy on the posting policy of any Facebook Page without even the admin being aware!. Thanks for asking !

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