strategy must be oriented towards a goal that brings real benefits to the brand. For example. there is content aimed at generating brand awareness. others that increase engagement with the brand. There is content aimed at generating traffic to a website and other transactional. that is. they directly seek the purchase of the product or service. Remember. you can’t shoot the arrow. if you don’t have the target. 2. Define tu buyer persona Before you write something. you should write down who you are writing to. The buyer person is an almost fictitious representation of your ideal client. It helps you define who this audience is that you want to attract and convert.

A clue to identify your audience can be Google Analytics that allows you to know the gender. age. geography. types of users. what sites they visit. use of Estonia whatsapp number list social networks. among other valuable data. 3. Create a list of ideas You may have many jumbled ideas in your mind. Or on the contrary just a blank page. The fact that you brainstorm. That you meet with friends or colleagues who can share strategies with you. works great. There are ways to write for Facebook. like for Instagram. that are not the same for a gamer blog and a medical technology blog.

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Define the format Now that we are clearing up any doubts about what content marketing is. in this part you should know that writing a Facebook post is not the same as writing a blog article. Your strategy should be based on generating content taking into account the characteristics of your buyer person. Apart from those already mentioned. other formats can be bulletins or newsletters. infographics. interactive content. presentations such as SlideShare. videos. webinars. screencasts. ebooks. among others. content marketing 5.

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Only then will all this be successful. Keep in mind that producing content without planning is like traveling without any destination. you can have fun along the way. but eventually you will end up lost in the middle of nowhere. 6. Write according to your buyer persona Whether for blogs or social networks. there are common characteristics. for example. the writing must be clear. precise and concise. Above all. no spelling errors. I recommend that you review all the content you produce. not only to find errors. but also to see if it conforms to the standards of your consumer.

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Optimize your content for SEO If you have finished writing. Your content and you feel good about yourself because it was exceptional. This is not enough. Now it’s time to make the rest find it. Here you are already entering the field of SEO web positioning . which refers to optimization for search engines such as Google. I recently came across an interesting. And very funny. test from the University of Cambridge that predicts our psychological profile and personality. Taking into account the likes we do on Facebook. Seeing this. I thought that perhaps you. And see if that personality and profile that the.

Taking this into account. I wanted to dedicate this blog to the types of web pages that. Due to their design or content. say a lot about who you are and. Of course about the personality of your brand . According to your website. which group of these do you belong to? Are you a risk taker. messy. traditional. shy entrepreneur or are you more outgoing and fun. Fun and social A web page that shows that behind it there are sociable and fun. They are highly creative and striking in the way. They present the content and the different sections. They use bright and contrasting colors.

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