The team reported that the project has been carried out by Summa. a Barcelona branding company. The update of the shield. which entails a statutory modification. has already obtained the approval of the board of directors. and will be presented for the approval of the club’s members at the assembly of delegates on October 20. Formula 1 faces the final stretch of the season. the teams refine their strategies to face the Russian Grand Prix. at the Sochi Autodrome . and it is precisely in this country where another problem arises for the Racing Point Force India team. A few weeks ago we informed you that Lawrence Stroll . leader of a consortium. whose firms include Tommy Hilfiger as well as Michael Kors . who is also the father of the Williams driver.

Lance Stroll . bought the team in which he plays the Mexican pilot Sergio “Checo” Pérez . who was about to declare bankruptcy. Following this Australia whatsapp number list event. a complaint was filed by a Russian fertilizer firm. which is controlled by Dmitry Mazepin . whose son is also a racing driver. according to a report by Bloomberg . Uralkali PjSC filed a lawsuit in London against the team’s joint administrators. Geoffrey Rowley as well as Jason Baker of FRP Advisory. According to the medo. Russia’s largest potash producer said its bid for Force India was treated unfairly and unfairly. The team. which is already on Russian soil. was contacted by Bloomberg for comment; The team noted that it has not received a High Court claim.

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For its part. Uralkali indicated that its offer. which included a cash component of between 133 million dollars. was higher than the winning offer. Marketing tool. Force India would be a valuable marketing tool. according to Uralkali. which already sponsors the Russian Grand Prix. and had been a sponsor of the team for several years. The fertilizer giant sells its products in 20 countries where F1 races. It will be Germany. The Teutons beat Turkey’s bid and.  Access compared to subscribers to cable pay. TV services, which according to figures provided by the Federal. Telecommunications Institute (IFT).

Australia whatsapp number list

Bloomberg said. “It’s not about Nikita.” Ostling said. “he doesn’t have the F1 license and it may take him two years to get it. Uralkali’s desire to buy the team has nothing to do with it.” AT Kearney estimates project revenue for the sports market worldwide during 2017 alone. recorded 90.9 billion dollars. Doing sports marketing is practically a guarantee. thanks to the millions of fans who search for products related to their hobbies. 59 percent of fans prefer to approach a brand related to their sports preferences. which speaks to the power of sports marketing in the world. In sports merchandise alone. revenue in North America will reach $14.55 billion this year. according to PwC.

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More than a hobby: the self-made musician. One of the sports that has the most engagement in the world is soccer. Only the income of the UEFA Champions. League between 2015 and 2016 reached 2 thousand 33 million euros. According to figures reported by UEFA itself. But the European Championship is another great soccer event that. Keeps millions of potential brand consumers on edge. Hence its relevance. The host country of the European Championship. Reaps the advantages of sports marketing that come. With it and during the 2024 edition.. Which will bring together 24 teams in 51 matches played in 10 stadiums.

A previous study of the two representatives published by UEFA highlighted the advantages of the German bid.  The last major football competition organized by Germany was the 2006 World Cup and now they are waiting for Euro2024. With goals from Camilo Sanvezzo at minute 8 and 17. Study signed by the consulting firm Dtaxis, which indicates that in. Mexico, online streaming platforms on demand registered a. Growth of 66 percent in their subscriber base between 2019 and 2020. Going from 9 to 15 million. users in that period. Related Notes: Disney Plus would crush the Netflix empire. It copied and perfected its success formula Faced with an evident increase in the supply of these services. OTT subscribers doubled their total.

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