The Roosters board increased the price of stalls from 100 to 300 pesos. as well as popular costs that were between 50 and 75 pesos. to stand at 140 pesos and up to 260 pesos; this means that rates increased between 300 and 400 percent. Stop the violence. In addition to the growth in the prices of entrance tickets. another factor that also rose was security. since a special operation of 160 elements of the State Police was deployed. in addition to the fact that the demands on private security companies were increased. who were in charge of guarding the entrances and the interior of the stadium. After the incidents registered in Monterrey. security becomes a key factor to guarantee the assistance of the fans. The second fight between Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez and Kazakh Gennady Golovkin.

In which the Mexican won the unified middleweight title of the World Boxing Austria whatsapp number list Council (WBC) as well as the World Boxing Association (WBA). left a sale of 1.1 million requests to see the fight on Pay Per View. According to information from EFE. the victory of “Canelo” resulted in a purse of 30 million dollars against 20 million for Golovkin. Although the official figures have not yet been released. sources close to the two fighters as well as to the HBO PPV television network. indicated to the agency that the sale was higher than that left by the first fight. According to figures offered by specialized sources. pay television revenues were more than 94 million dollars.

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After each person who requested the fight through the restricted system had to pay 84.95 dollars at a basic price that increased at least another 10 dollars for those who wanted high definition. Even though the cost of the pay-per-view was less than the first fight. which generated about 1.3 million purchases. However. the rematch generated more pay-per-view money. due to the higher price of the broadcast. Similarly. despite the fact that Golden Boy Promotions did not want to disclose any official figures. like the television network HBO. from the same company of Oscar De La Hoya. they explained that pay-per-view sales. via services streaming. were 25 percent higher than last year’s fight.

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Meanwhile. additional money was generated from closed circuit television sales. tickets to see the fight in more than 450 theaters around the United States. international television sales. endorsement deals as well as fight merchandise. In addition. ticket figures for the fight were released Monday by the Nevada Athletic Commission and are the fourth highest in state history. The fight generated sales of $23.473.500 with 16.732 tickets sold at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. For their part. the promoters gave away 1.451 tickets according to the commission’s report. According to EFE. what was achieved with the second fight between Álvarez and Golovkin is placed behind the first one held in September of last year.

Coach Diego Armando Maradona

In the same venue. which left revenues of 27 million 59 thousand 850 dollars in ticket sales. The biggest win of all time is the one recorded in the fight between Floyd. Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao in 2015. With 72 million 198 thousand 500 dollars. At the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Like the Oscars. an event that recognizes the best of the seventh art. Its counterpart. the ‘Raspberries’ rewards the worst of cinema. During the year of celebration; in this case. FIFA held the gala for The Best awards. which congratulated. The best soccer players over the last year. while the Spanish sports newspaper. Marca launched ‘The Worst’. an acknowledgment of the worst in soccer.

We know who are the best but… what about the worst? Meet  September 25. 2018 Regarding the technical director. the winner of the award was the. Argentine Jorge Sampaoli who during his brief tenure in the albiceleste. Was close to being eliminated in the qualifying round; Once he reached Russia 2018. He struggled to reach the round of 16. Also on the list were the Italian Vincenzo. Montella (Milan and Seville) and the. Dutchman Frank de Boer (Crystal Palace). In turn. the worst goalkeeper was Loris Karius . Who recorded a deplorable performance during the. Champions League final against Real Madrid. Similarly.

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