You will finally be able to configure your automatic message. On the landing page, check the option Automatic response. Facebook explains that you will be able to automatically reply to the first message sent to your Page. You can of course personalize your message and write up to 150 characters. Facebook also offers various customization options such as adding the name and or last name of the person who contacts you, but also the URL of your website or your email address. To go further, I advise you to go back to the Messaging settings of your Facebook Page. You can configure a welcome message on Messenger that users will see even before sending you a message and even facilitate the conversation with your Page by activating the option that allows you to display the questions you are asked most often. .

For example, you can target Facebook users according to Their age and gender Their location Their affinities areas of interest Their training course Their sector of activity To learn more about the socio-demographic targeting of Facebook advertising, I invite you to read this article on my blog . Once published, your job posting will be visible for free on the Facebook classifieds site , in addition to Ethiopia Email List other job offers posted by other companies. Finally, you can always modify your job offer or close it as soon as you have enough candidates. 4 Activate appointment booking directly on Facebook You are going to love this feature because it is brand new! Recently, Facebook has offered the possibility to Facebook Pages to configure an appointment booking system fully integrated into Facebook and Instagram.

Ethiopia Email List
Ethiopia Email List

The Facebook classifieds site

All you need to do is click on Create a Story. In a few clicks, you will be able to create a Story of this kind with a photo and some stickers. You also notice the possibility of adding a link by clicking on the icon at the top on the far right. For the moment, you can only add calls to action Buy, Book, Directions or Call via the Facebook Pages Manager app. On the other hand, the Moderator’s Blog has discovered that you can add a very specific link to a Facebook Story via the main Facebook application on your smartphone. The Moderator’s Blog has confirmed that it is currently not possible to add a link to Stories via the Pages Manager app.

We saw at the beginning of this article that you can configure an automatic response assistant. This way, the person who contacts you will have an immediate response from you. The second good news is that it is very easy to install. You just have to go to the settings of your Facebook Page and click on Messenger Platform. Scroll down and go to the Customer Chat Plugin option. Click on the Configure button. You should see this window appear. This is where you can customize the message that will entice your site visitors to write to you. The second step is to personalize your widget with your brand colors. Finally, the last step is where you will install the widget on your website. Make sure to add any areas where the widget will be displayed.

Click on the Configure button

When you know how much the algorithms of social networks like to distribute more widely posts that have received interactions quickly, you understand that this feature has a real interest. Fiji Simo , Facebook’s video manager, explains that people will be able to check out video premieres like movie trailers, new Facebook Watch episodes, or new content from their favorite creators, with other fans over time. real – like they would watch a Facebook Live video . Concretely, the goal is to attract attention and encourage interactions similar to those of live videos . If you have an important announcement to make or are making pre-recorded episodic content every week, I recommend posting this video as a Premiere. Good news, it’s very easy to set up.

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