Launching an enterprise-wide digital asset management (DAM) program is no easy thing. W.L. Gore and Associates, best known for its Gore-Tex fabric and products, found itself having to do just that. At The MarTech Conference, Germany Phone Number Rachel Edwards, the company’s Enterprise DAM librarian, walked us through how they did it. She also explained why the minimum viable product (MVP) strategy they chose was key to its successful launch. (There’s a video of her talk at the end of this article.) The problem. Gore needed a DAM because its assets were all over the place. Shared drives, external hard drives, SharePoint sites, Germany Phone Number folders on individual PCs. There was no centralized repository of assets, no standardized process for finding assets and no content governance. Each division, and even in some cases, smaller subdivisions within those primary divisions.

Find Out the Requirements Germany Phone Number

Not only … but also, Edwards says don’t ask stakeholders what they want, ask what they need. The fact is they may not have any idea about what they want. Germany Phone Number “They may not have any context for framing the question if they just found out what a DAM is and have only a high-level understanding of how it might benefit them in the long term,” she said. When that’s the case, they often tend to err on the side of wanting everything they think a DAM system can possibly do, Germany Phone Number regardless of what they actually need it to do. Not only … but also, “This can quickly lead you down the dangerous path of over-customization,”

Separate the Needs Germany Phone Number

Germany Phone Number
Germany Phone Number

Begin with filtering the requirements down to the needs versus the wants. Germany Phone Number The MVP is essentially the smallest unit of delivery that provides value to someone. “Focus your energy in creating your DAM on pleasing the innovators and the early adopters of technology who will be your noisy minority and your pool of end-users,” she said. “Please your noisy minority and let them gradually pull in the others with their enthusiasm for the success Germany Phone Number of the DAM. They’ll be your biggest cheerleaders and one of your biggest PR assets.” The minimum for a DAM. At its core, a basic DAM is a repository to store assets that have metadata attached to them.


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