You can tell stories too, but these should be consistent with the professional framework established on LinkedIn. For example, if you are the designer or designer of a fashion brand, don’t use LinkedIn to say it’s the sale in your store. No one will care. Use LinkedIn to talk about the strategies you use to sell online, the challenges you face when you’re a fashion designer, a new partnership you’ve developed with another brand, etc. You get it, I think! So, ultimately, how do you write an engaging post on LinkedIn? First, know on Linkedin, you are limited to 1300 characters per post which is very little, compared to 63.206 for Facebook and 2200 for Instagram! But that’s not the only thing that’s changing.

On LinkedIn, you have to write in a slightly different way than on Facebook and Instagram. Let’s start with the emojis. Avoid putting it in every sentence. It’s just unprofessional. A few basic emojis, like the ones I showed you, are enough to Mexico WhatsApp Number List communicate emotions. If you think it’s not necessary, then don’t put it. Second, avoid spelling mistakes at all costs . Users will pay more attention to this on LinkedIn. Also adapt your tone to the social network. Adopt a tone a little less casual than on Facebook, but without sounding too serious. You just have to find the right balance. That doesn’t mean you can’t be funny, but like emojis, do it sparingly. On LinkedIn, it’s also important to take a straightforward approach so that people click see more to read the rest of your post.

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This shows the LinkedIn algorithm that there is interest in your post. There are several ways to get users to click see more. Start with a title You can introduce your LinkedIn posts by starting with a catchy title . On this publication, the title is written in full to distinguish it from the rest of the text. In addition, it is turned negatively which more retains the reader’s curiosity. Write short, punchy sentences to introduce your post If you want to introduce a video or an article that you repost on LinkedIn, I recommend that you write a very short text of 2 or 3 sentences, also short and punchy. For example, I could introduce my article this way on LinkedIn You post every week on social networks.

It takes you time and energy. And in return, almost no one ever reads your posts. It will change. In this article, here’s exactly what you need to know to get your posts read from the first to the last line. Tell a story or anecdote We all love stories. On LinkedIn, too, I’ve noticed that posts that tell a little anecdote, like this one, very often grab the attention of users including mine. The idea is not to just tell a story, but to share the lesson you learned from it. Conclusion In this article, you learned how to write social media posts. My message to you is that the principles of writing a post on social networks do not change from one social network to another.

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Whatever social network you post on, I advise you to Adopt a relaxed tone Write short texts when possible Show your personality or that of your brand Use the AIDA formula to write impactful text End with a call to action However, from one social network to another, the way you express yourself will change. On Facebook , the educational side is important, but don’t forget to entertain your audience. You can also take yourself a little less seriously than on your site. On Instagram , the photos and videos you post already do a lot of the work of building engagement. The caption of the publication is no less important. It should be kept as short as possible and give context to the post. Generally speaking, captions that contain a lot of text are rarely read to the end on Instagram. On LinkedIn , the codes change compared to Facebook. The writing of the posts is different.

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