Optimizing the eCommerce user experience can seem like a daunting task. There are so many variables. Where to start ? When you feel overwhelmed, remember that ultimately user experience is about removing friction and guiding the Philippines Phone Number customer through the sales funnel to make their online shopping experience easier. And you don’t need to completely redesign your e-commerce site to make it easier for the customer to buy your products. In fact, sometimes changes that are relatively simple to implement can have a dramatic effect on your business, especially as the results get worse over time.

Website Loading

Website loading speed is the most overlooked aspect of user experience. Google researchers found that 53% of mobile visits are abandoned if the page takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Meanwhile, 70% of the mobile landing pages they analyzed took more than 7 seconds to fully load. It’s safe to say that these companies could significantly increase their revenue by optimizing the speed of their e-commerce websites. They are missing a huge opportunity. Don’t make the same mistake. Use Page Speed ​​Insights to analyze your website speed. Then, optimize it to fully charge in less than 3 seconds.

Prominent Search

Philippines Phone Number List
Philippines Phone Number List

Keep in mind that a delay as short as 100 milliseconds can have an effect on conversion rate, so every extra second is pretty much guaranteed to hurt your bottom line. You can usually improve this dramatically by optimizing your product images by compressing them and taking advantage of browser caching. When people arrive at your website, don’t just let them wander aimlessly, push them to the next stage of your sales funnel. You can do this by adding a call-to-action button above the fold that immediately grabs the visitor’s attention. It’s the first thing Google recommends in the homepage/landing page section of its “UX Playbook for Retail” because it’s easy to implement but has a high impact.


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