And well, this is a problem. At least today (and even with the update), Instagram does not allow posting to the feed of images with a ratio of 1080×1920 pixels (the same aspect ratio as reels and stories). The maximum allowed vertical format for images, for now, is 1080×1350 px .

Maybe when the feed update hits everyone, Instagram will allow new aspect ratios for images. Or, maybe they really don’t want us to post photos and cards anymore, so they’ll keep anything other than vertical videos weird.

In short, the user experience of the new design is strange. We are seeing the contents of one social channel, forcibly placed in a layout of another (in which they simply do not fit).

And this, honestly, is worrying (as a user and also as a marketer). How much does such a plural platform stand to lose by limiting its previously diverse content options to a single format?

Is this really the best strategy to go toe to toe with TikTok?

All about Tik Tok
TikTok has been making other social channels uncomfortable for a while now. Not just Instagram (is it just me or do all social platforms now have a feature to add short videos?).

The reason is quite simple: TikTok continues to grow and retain users like no other platform. It passed YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram time spent records in 2021.

The State of Mobile 2021 survey notes that TikTok will grow up to 325% year over year. It was also nominated for the best app in the US last year, according to eMarketer . TikTok has grown so fast that it broke paradigms.

(Source: TheNetwork )

So if I were Adam Mosseri (or Mark Zuckerberg), I’d be concerned with TikTok too. Efforts to bring users back began subtly:

The introduction of reels (and the algorithmic priority of this type of content over other types).
Tests for Stories of 60 seconds .
Offering cash bonuses to creators who make the best reels.
Announcing the prioritization of “original” content , which was reposted at the end of April (which was basically a motivation for users to stop reposting TikTok content on Instagram).
Invest in creator tools and templates.
And the list goes on…
And now, finally, testing the change in the users’ feed.

But maybe Instagram has forgotten an essential question for any business: do my users want that?

Apparently, I’m not alone in the opinion that the new Instagram feed is awkward. After the release of the test update, hundreds of select users also spoke out.

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