Every day more similar, right?

With the video content covering almost the entire screen, you get a better experience (and you’re left with only the content without spoilers for the next post when you swipe down).

But even for reels, the new feed has its complications… it’s much less intuitive for users to like the post, and even less so to comment (comments, which used to appear just below the post, they are only visible if the user clicks to open them).

Today we know that likes , comments, and shares are part of what we understand as engagement on a post.

I wonder if, with the update of the feed, what will matter above all will be the number of views, for example. It is very possible; as you can see, the Save Post button , for example, was simply removed from the on-screen options. But, for now, Instagram has not made any statements about how the algorithm will behave with this change.

The critical part begins when we see how other types of content, like carousels and photos, are showing up in the Instagram feed TikTok-style.

Everything that is not reels seems to no longer “fit” in the social network. Take a look at the image below, of some Rock Content posts, with the new feed layout:

The carousel with square images in the new Instagram feed looks strangely “out of place”

Square video content now looks like it was simply posted in the wrong format
It seems that we are publishing content in a format that was not created for the platform. As a user experience, it gets weird.

Just for comparison, here is the same news post before the update:

You can see the video in square format, the possible reactions you can do (like, comment, share or save), the subtitles, the comments and the next post that already appears, just waiting for you to scroll.

It seems much more appropriate than the other design, doesn’t it?

Old Layout: A social network that supports content in different formats and coexists well within the feed.

New Layout: pretends to be a platform for videos shot vertically… but accepts posting images and other formats. But still, anything that isn’t vertical looks weird on the platform, like it doesn’t belong there.


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