Owned media How did you know me? There is a good chance that you discovered me via my blog on Google or by discovering one of my re-shared articles on social networks. Since my beginnings, I have invested hundreds (if not thousands) of hours writing on my blog and improving my website. While I am getting help with producing social media content or improving the layout of my website, you can be sure of one thing: I have written every post on my blog from first to last. line. And I orchestrated all the graphics and visuals that you see on my site because I am sure of one thing: this site belongs to me. I have a second question for you. If you already know me (a little), how do you keep in touch with me? If I had to do a poll, I’m sure you would mostly mention my Newsletter .

With a few rare exceptions, every week I write an exclusive Newsletter to my subscribers. You can be sure of it too: it is I who write each of my Newsletters from the first to the last line. So here are 2 owned media on which I communicate because my target customers are used to Panama Email List reading blogs and reading Newsletters. And yes, I am also on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Let me tell you 2 things about social networks that are certainly owned media, but that you do not fully control because of the very capricious algorithms of Facebook, Instagram or even, Linkedin. First of all, I only invested time in it after seeing the first concrete results thanks to my blog and my Newsletter. Moreover, publishing on these networks is not the heart of my strategy.

Panama Email List
Panama Email List

Which marketing channel are you going to focus on in the first place?

As proof, half of the content that I currently (re) publish on these networks is no longer even created by me! Which marketing channel (s) are you going to focus on in the first place? Remember, start with one or two channels and develop other relevant marketing channels later when you feel comfortable with your current marketing channels. Paid media We have seen it. Paid media is simply media where you pay to deliver a marketing message. At first glance, one might think that they are only reserved for SMEs and large accounts. This is not completely true as soon as you start digital advertising, especially advertising on Facebook or Google , two networks that remain affordable for most companies. Currently, I invest 10 € / day on Facebook in remarketing campaigns to promote my marketing guides …

What business can not afford to invest € 300 per month to promote itself on a social network? Since I started my activities, I invest in Facebook advertising and it is only today that I start to increase my investments. The bottom line is that you can start with smaller amounts and then scale up depending on the profitability of your campaigns. After all, if you invest $ 1 in Facebook advertising and get $ 2 back, why not invest more? By paying what communication channel ( paid media ) will you start investing your money? Earned media Finally, I end with earned media , those for which I have the least experience, but which are terribly powerful! I am in a good position to tell you because, from the start, I made myself known by publishing guest articles on blogger sites or media specialized in digital.

Will you start investing your money?

Here is an example : This article has been viewed thousands of times and allowed me to collect hundreds of subscribers to my Newsletter, while no one knew me! In total, I think I wrote about 20 guest articles in the space of 18 months on other blogs and media. Unfortunately, I stopped this strategy in 2019 because I found it less profitable and wanted to avoid reinforcing my competition with articles that would have the potential to get good positions on Google. Today, I am very happy to see my articles re-shared, my clients recommending me, working with business partners or even appearing on podcasts as a guest! While I think about it, I would also like to share with you the results obtained by one of my first clients, Meilleur Biens , thanks to press relations.

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