Instagram is a social network that continues to grow in popularity, so even companies that don’t have photo initiatives and flashy products are getting involved. For many this obviously means creativity needs to be at its highest, but strategy can happen and it can help you reach your goals faster. I recommend checking out this Austria Phone Number article to learn more about building a business presence on Instagram in general before you really dive into the SEO aspects of your strategy. However, once you have a smooth process for Instagram and feel like you’ve finally done everything you could do for your Instagram business account, the following 5 tips will help you take it to the next level. Do keyword research on hashtags This idea brings more traditional SEO techniques to the network.

Organize Competitions

This is a common tactic on social media, so it may be something you’ve tried before. But it’s worth mentioning again as some companies don’t offer prizes on Instagram . Remember that the prizes will go far on social media, so spend some money here and start those contests. According to Neil Patel, he leveraged his giveaways to get more subscribers and “a single giveaway could net him a few thousand more subscribers.” There are of course a variety of ways to create a contest for social media, so when it comes to Instagram, just remember why users love the app in the first place. Emphasize images and hashtags to get maximum engagement.

Nonprofit or Charity

Austria Phone Number List
Austria Phone Number List

For example, ask your customers to show their photos of something similar using a hashtag you created. The best picture wins. Below is a great example from Travel Country: People like to support businesses that do something for the community. Even if your business doesn’t help directly, you can help indirectly by donating a portion of your profits. To a non-profit organization related to your industry, you can raise money for a cause you care about. Send employees on community service trips, etc. . This is great for your business and website in general, but it’s especially useful on Instagram because images can be very powerful.

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