Slack has been all the rage for businesses and employees over the past year, but now that 2015 is winding down, it’s making headlines as one Bahamas Phone Number of the hottest startups of the year with a value of 2. $8 billion, and it should see even greater reach in 2016. While it may have started as a tool used by a single employee, there are ways to officially introduce Slack into your business and help improve communication and collaboration. Find out how it works below and how you can use it to your advantage. Slack is actually considered a “messaging app” and it’s completely free to use.

Get Started

Choose a username for your colleagues to recognize you. Look in your email to set up your password. That’s all there is to getting started. You will then be asked to send invitations to your colleagues so that they can be part of your loose conversation. Once members have received your email invitation and joined, you can start talking and using the features mentioned above. 5 ways to use Slack to improve communication in your business So clearly Slack is all about communication.

Build a Referral Network

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Bahamas Phone Number List

But exactly how you organize your Slack conversations/channels can help ensure that you reap the full benefits. Consider some of the ways you can use the tool below. Create a channel for blog posts to discuss social promotion This is usually where businesses start. Sometimes it’s hard to get everyone in your company on the same page when it comes to content. But even your IT pros can benefit from sharing and knowing what’s going on with the blog. Use this channel to add links to the most recent content that has been posted and ask others to help you promote on social media. Because it can sync with Buffer, it makes it easy for the channel owner to get others to share on the spot.

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