Any marketing approach must start with this question what is the objective of your campaign? After all, why are you doing all this? Do you want to reach people who don’t know you yet and may not yet realize they have a problem Awareness phase – top of the funnel ? Do you want to reach people who already know your business and consider it among the potential solutions to solve their problem Evaluation phrase – middle of the funnel ? Or is your goal ultimately to target prospects ready to take action and make a purchase Decision phase – bottom of the funnel ? Exactly, Facebook has separated the marketing objectives according to the structure I have just described look at the table again . In marketing, this is called a sales funnel or conversion funnel , represented like this Concretely, the sales funnel illustrates a classic buying process.

in other words how a person goes from a point where they do not know you at all to the purchase. Can you see it a little more clearly? To go further on sales funnels, I invite you to read this guide on sales funnels . Now let’s move on to French Guiana Email List setting your goal right in Facebook ! Depending on the goal you set for it, Facebook allows you to reach different types of people at different stages of the sales funnel Awareness – Assessment – Decision . By advertising on Facebook, you can Increase your brand awareness Buy fans to increase the organic reach of your Facebook page Generate engagement on your Facebook fan page reactions, comments, shares, clicks on the link, etc. Generate or increase traffic to your website Direct people to a sales page or to an online store.

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Decision phase – bottom of the funnel ?

Offer your application for free download In fact, depending on the goal you set, Facebook will optimize the delivery of your ad to reach the people on Facebook who are most likely to perform the desired action. In other words, the choice of your marketing objective in Facebook is essential so that you can get the best out of Facebook’s advertising algorithm. For example, if you chose the Traffic objective in the table I showed you, Facebook will optimize the delivery of your ad to find the people who have the highest probability of clicking on the link in your ad, and therefore give you the lowest cost per click CPC possible. But it is not that simple … Let’s say you would like to make internet sales.

So you need a sales page and visitors traffic to that sales page. In this case, which objective do you choose between Traffic and Conversions see table ? Many are wrong and choose the traffic objective. I know because I made the same mistakes. Both traffic and conversions goals send traffic to a web page, but the two are different in terms of optimization. The traffic objective is simply used to send traffic to a web page . Nothing more. Facebook will optimize the delivery of your ads to get people to click on your ad and come to your website. It won’t necessarily be people who convert later. On the other hand, the conversion objective allows you to create ads that encourage people to take a specific action on your landing page, such as making,.

What is the objective of your campaign?

A purchase or simply providing contact information filling out a form. If you have little experience, you might get confused and not know the marketing objective of your Facebook campaign that best matches your objective for YOU. Here is why I selected 4 Facebook advertising campaigns that are essential for me Interactions Video views Conversions Blanket In my opinion, they are essential for your business if you have a Facebook page and a website. I’ll also show you examples of Facebook ads for each goal! hey YES, I WANT TO READ THE GUIDE! Are your Facebook advertising campaigns perfectly optimized ? Let’s talk 30 minutes on the phone Our team analyzes the status of your campaigns based on 7 criteria You receive strategic recommendations with the 5 most urgent areas for improvement to optimize your spending.

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