Define your budget and the duration of your campaign We now need to define the budget you are going to invest and the duration of your campaign. 1) Budget More often than not, Facebook charges you for printing. This means that the more you put in a large budget, the more you have the possibility of reaching a large number of people in your audience. For example, if I put in € 30, I can reach between 1,100 and 3,200 people (according to Facebook’s estimates) out of 100,000 people. Many factors, such as competition and audience size, influence the price of Facebook advertising . It is therefore very likely that you have different estimates than mine. Which budget to choose? If you have no idea how much to invest, then invest $ 15 for 3 days and see the results.

To use it, you just need to create an advertising account . If your advertising account does not exist or is not correctly configured, I invite you to read my guide on the Facebook Business Manager , you should find solutions there. Before we start, I am already warning you that the method I am going to present to you is slightly more technical and less intuitive than the South Korea Email List first, but at least you can: Refine your targeting Target people who already know you ( ad retargeting ) Analyze even more precisely the impact of your campaign Without further ado, find out how to boost your Facebook posts with the Facebook Ads Manager. Let’s go back to the steps we followed with the first method.

South Korea Email List
South Korea Email List

Avertising account does not exist

This is the type of audience that I consistently target when I boost my Facebook posts. You can also create a custom audience that includes people who have visited your website or who have come from a customer list. Find out how in this article . Additionally, you can expand these audiences and create lookalike audiences to reach people who don’t know you, but look like your customers (or another source audience). Let’s come back to the creation of our campaign. After you’ve created your custom audience, you should find a setup that looks like this. Feel free to refine the age, gender and location. As soon as you have defined your audience and validated your choice, scroll down slightly and click on “Modify placements”. Select only Facebook.

The interface is now more complete and allows you to optimize the distribution of your advertisements to generate sales. Unfortunately, this simplification of creation can be a barrier if you are more advanced. For example, you don’t have access to advanced targeting options (unless you’ve created your audiences first in your Ads Manager) and that’s a shame. ? Let’s recap. Pressing the “boost publication” button essentially allows you to increase the visibility of a publication and the interactions / clicks / views of videos on the publication. There are so many other things that you can do with Facebook advertising and for that you will inevitably have to go through the Facebook Ads Manager. I’ve written a guide that shows you how to use Facebook Ads Manager (even if you’re new to it).

The distribution of your advertisements

Internet video consumption doubles every year , according to YouTube 64% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product online after seeing a video of that product Video ads now account for over 35% of all online ad spend A third of the time spent online by Internet users is dedicated to watching videos For a long time, I postponed the moment when I was going to launch into video, when I knew full well that video is a more human, interactive, emotional format, easier to consume, etc. In short, everything that blog posts are not. I always found excuses. “I would never have time to train myself in video editing. ” “Making video is going to cost me too much. ” “I’m not good enough at video. I am better at writing. “

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