Due to the pandemic, the e-commerce sector is booming. This is because traditional stores are not fully stocked or people are closed and relying more on online shopping. Moreover, since most of our audience is afraid to go out, e-commerce is China Phone Number the best option to maintain security and meet our daily needs. SEO for ecommerce Moreover, these days, big conglomerates like Amazon, Mantra, Grofers, etc. provide basic items for daily needs with deep discounts that seem more beneficial to people. Now is the time to bring your SEO and PPC together for better e-commerce results.

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Negative keywords tell the search engine not to show ads for certain terms. This helps eliminate irrelevant searches for your product, only interested customers will get to your ad, thus getting organic traffic. As an added benefit, if you have multiple PPC campaigns running, it helps avoid cross-promotional matches. These ad groups contain only one keyword, although Google recommends that you have 10-20. It’s best to use a single keyword because you’re only focusing on one keyword in your URL, content, landing page, and Meta tags. With a single keyword, you only need one term to trigger the ad and can create an ad dedicated to that keyword.

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China Phone Number List

Once we focus on a single keyword, our ads can point in one direction and attract an organic audience. It is important to know that optimization is a very good way to leverage your website and pages as it helps to build organic reach and gain organic leads as well. A good product title and product description with keywords help because people can find it easily. It can also be beneficial for SEO. It’s a fact that running your ad at the right time can be beneficial. This can only be done if you know your audience well. When you start, you can use a profitable plan for a 24/7 schedule. Once you know the active hours, you can adjust the bids based on what time the campaign should be set.

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