Respond to comments at regular intervals During my last Live, there were about 30 participants on average. Every minute, people were commenting. However, should I have stopped to answer each question? No, of course ! What I advise you to do is to make it clear to your audience at the start of the program that you will answer questions at regular intervals and at the also wanted to let you know that on the show, I’ll be responding to your comments every 10 or 15 minutes, so don’t worry if I don’t respond right away.” Also, I will answer as many questions as possible at the end of the show ” . When I interviewed Robin Vézina live, I specified that the show was going to be organized in 3 parts and that at the end of each part, we would respond to comments.

If you have the possibility, I advise you to appoint a moderator (a colleague, an assistant or even a friend) to respond to the comments and select the most interesting so that you can respond to them live. This will allow you to New Zealand Email Database stay focused throughout the show. With the tool I used, Be.Live , I also had the ability to display comments on the screen. A word of advice : when someone comments, mention their name when you read their comment. You could say, for example, “ Laura asks us how to boost a Facebook post. ” 12) End your show with a call to action After staying live for at least 10 minutes, don’t forget to say goodbye to all participants. You can keep it simple and end with “ Thanks everyone for watching and participating.

New Zealand Email Database
New Zealand Email Database

What I advise you to do is to make it clear to your audience

I see you soon for a next Live! ” Also, you can prepare a call to action to suggest that participants: Share the show Subscribe to notifications to be notified of upcoming Lives Subscribe to your newsletter Download a guide or white paper To buy My end hooks might look like this depending on my call to action: “ Thank you all for watching the show to the end and for being so present! If you liked the show, don’t forget to share it with others! See you next time ! ” “ Thank you all for watching the show to the end and for being so present. I will do a new Facebook Live show very soon, you can subscribe to live notifications to be notified of the next live.

Everyone for watching the show! If you want to take it a step further and learn more about Facebook advertising, I have a free getting started guide on the subject as well. You can download it by going to … You will also find the link in the description in a few minutes. See you soon ! ” 13) Edit the final details of your masterpiece There you are, you can breathe. The show is over and those who were unable to attend will be able to watch the show later. It is then interesting to modify the publication to: Improve the description Add one or more links in the description Write a catchy headline Customize the video thumbnail Create a clip of my live video As you can see in this screenshot, I added a catchy title that describes the video well.

The end and for being so present

I also modified the description to specify where to find Maria and I added a small question to get feedback on the show. Then, I modified the thumbnail of the video (still image that we see before the video starts). It’s up to you to see if you want to take one of the thumbnails offered by Facebook or add an image that you created upstream (be careful not to have more than 20% of text on the thumbnail image otherwise you will not be able to promote your Facebook Live). Recently, Facebook has introduced a new feature that also allows you to create a clip from your live video . This allows you to reuse that content and repost it on other social media. As soon as you are done making changes to your Facebook Live, simply press the “Save” button to save all your changes.

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