The first report shows you the hours and days when your users are most active. The darker boxes show the peaks of activity. (Note that this graph uses the Pacific time zone, but you can change it in the settings of Facebook Analytics). The second graph (left) shows another funnel where you can see what percentage of your Facebook Page users who reacted to a post end up visiting your website. The second shows you user retention (we’ll see how to interpret these graphs later in this article – I’d rather go directly to the full report for a better overview). Let’s continue with the monetization indicators.

Facebook gives you a big picture of the overall value of paid users, your income, purchases by device type and percentage of repeat purchases! Part 3 of this article is entirely dedicated to these different reports, so I won’t go into too much detail here. Let us finish with the Venezuela WhatsApp Number List indicators relating to people. The information is very explicit. Facebook shows you the male / female distribution of your users, the most represented age groups and the most represented places. This information is important to refine the targeting of your campaigns and adapt your marketing messages . Finally, I remind you that you can observe these indicators for your Facebook Page and your Facebook pixel separately.

The most represented age group

The proposed indicators and presentation will differ slightly from one source to another. For the Facebook pixel, Facebook immediately presents the most important metrics (and their evolution compared to the previous period): New users Unique users Income Purchase conversion rate Retention – Week 1 Value of purchases of the first 10% (visitors who spend the most time on your site) Average Overall Value – Week 3 Median length of a session For the Facebook Page, Facebook shows you on the front page only 4 indicators: New users Unique users Retention – Week 1 Received messages As you have seen, some indicators do not have much appeal or great utility, but others are important like:

Funnels Income The overall value I therefore suggest that you analyze these indicators in detail and how to interpret them. You will see that they will help you guide your digital marketing strategy , your offers and your advertising campaigns. Facebook Analytics (Part 3) – Make better business decisions with these 3 reports It would be impossible for me to tell you about all the features of Facebook Analytics in one single article. This is why I preferred to select the 3 reports that most reveal the “health” of your business on the web. On top of that, interpreting these reports will allow you to make consistent business decisions to improve your conversion rates. 1) The funnels Let’s start with the funnels.

Their evolution compared to the previous period

Funnels allow you to follow the customer journey through the different sources (Facebook Pages, Facebook pixel and app) that are present in your group of event sources. In addition to offering you funnels already built, Facebook also offers you to create your own funnel with events of all types: Reactions Comments Shares Received messages Page View User activity (pixel) New user activity (pixel) Registration completed (pixel) Prospect (pixel) Content view (pixel) Add to cart (pixel) Payment initiated (pixel) Purchase (pixel) Etc. Why not build a funnel to show you directly what it looks like? Simply go to the “Funnels” tab and click on “Create tunnel”.

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